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One of the best pill organizers on the market today has to be the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser. This wonderful product simply does everything a pill organizer needs to do. Many people who take daily dosages of medications are elderly and may forget what to take and when to take it. The e-pill MedSmart organizer helps make those worries a thing of the past. Avoid medication errors from here on out. (Read more below)

Right off the bat, let's discuss the downside of the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser. And that would be the cost. The MedSmart unit retails for $595.00. However, it is now on sale for the more attractive $489.95. That's a savings of almost 20%. But while the price may seem a bit steep and higher than a lot of other medication organizers, the MedSmart dispenser does several things that many of the cheaper versions do not. It really just depends on what you're looking for and what your dispensing needs are. But remember, this MedSmart medication dispenser is the newer more advanced second generation model.

Now that the negative is out of the way, let's talk about all the positive attributes of the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser. First of all, this organizer can be locked and is tamper resistant. This is a very important option if a person has been known to take too many pills by accident. With their medications under lock and key (the unit comes with two keys), you can relax knowing that your loved ones can only take what has been programmed for them. And that's just the beginning. The MedSmart organizer has a thirty day money back guarantee, so you can make sure this is the pill organizer for you. It also carries a one year warranty, which is an added bonus of relief. Add on free shipping (from most ordering sites) and you really can't lose if you choose to try this model out.

The unit can be set from four days worth of medications up to twenty eight days. Just depends on how many pills one is taking each day. The circular tray has cells for you to organize your daily pills. Select the appropriate template that corresponds with the dosage schedule and fill the tray accordingly. The very large cells each have the capacity to hold twenty aspirin sized shaped pills. The deep cells are great for all sorts of tablets, vitamins and capsules. If the user has two medication times per day, refill the tray every Fourteen days. Four medication times per day, refill tray every seven days. Six medication times per day (max), refill tray every four days. And to make it even easier to use, the model comes with two circular trays. The second try has a dust cover for easy transportation for the user. This also allows you to get a jump start on your next series of pills by filling both trays at the same time.

Another really neat feature of the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser is its loading dock. This organizer doesn't need batteries and doesn't have to be plugged in. This can be a very helpful feature. All you have to do is plug in the loading dock into an AC power source and park the MedSmart unit on the dock and this will juice it up. The unit does also take four AA batteries to have as a back up should you have a power outage. Very handy.

Another feature that the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser has that many of its competitors don't is it's very unique alarm system. Some organizers have alarms that remind its users throughout the day that it's time to take their medications, but what if they don't hear it, by sleeping through it or being out of the room when it sounds? The MedSmart organizer has an alarm that goes off and continues to sound until the unit has been picked up. Tip the unit upside down to dispense your pills and the motion of the turning the device upside down turns off the alarm. The unit is now ready to dispense the next dose at the scheduled time. It will sound up to sixty minutes. This makes those missed alarms a thing of the past. And you can simply program the medication alarms from one to six times per day in accordance with the user's dosage schedule.

The small size (Diameter 8 ½ inches round by 2 ½ inches), light weight (28 ounces), and easy to read Patient Compliance Dashboard ™ makes the e-pill® MedSmart Locked Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser perfect for anyone to use.