Med E Lert Automatic Pill Dispensers

The people over at Med-E-Lert are so confident in their product that they only make one kind of pill organizer and dispenser. That should say a lot to consumers. Many companies sell several different models of medication organizers and dispensers. That doesn't mean that they too can be high quality products, but it does say something when a company is so sure of the quality and usefulness of their product that they simply put all their eggs in the proverbial one basket. Let's take a look at it. (Read more below)

Do you have trouble remembering to take your medications or daily supplements? Are you the caregiver of an elderly patient or loved one, and constantly worry about them taking their medication again, forgetting they already have? Now with Med-E-Lert's Automatic Pill Dispenser those worries are gone. The Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser is extremely easy to use. And costing at around $64.00, it's also extremely affordable as well.

First off, the Med-E-Lert is supplied with clearly printed discs. The discs identify the day of the week, and the appropriate number of doses per day. They are conveniently marked for one, two, three, or four doses per day. The appropriate disc for the users medication regime is then placed on the tray. You fold down the handy tabs to secure the pill compartment, prior to filling it, and use it as a guide as to where to place the pills. Remember, organizing your medications and assigning dose times is the responsibility of you, your caregiver, and your doctor.

You can purchase a Med-E-Lert in both transparent or a solid color. Depending on which you prefer. There are twenty eight compartments and each compartment holds up to eighteen aspirin sized pills. The compartment size of the Med-E-Lert is 20% larger than many other automatic pill dispensers. Batteries are included with the unit (the Med-E-Lert has a handy low battery alarm), as well as a full twelve month warranty. So you really can't lose.

The Med-E-Lert is very easy to use. And being able to use a product like a pill dispenser easily is very important. The whole purpose of using a pill organizer and dispenser is to make taking your medications easy and safe. Once the tray is in place and the lid is locked, preset the time to alarm with a loud ringing and flashing light for thirty minutes, or until you take your medication. The unit will not rotate until your pills are taken. These are all really good things. First, a lock will keep your medications safe and out of anybody's hands other than your own. Having a unit that has a loud alarm is very helpful for users that may have failing eyesight, and a bright flashing light is beneficial for those who are dealing with poor hearing. And the Med-E-Lert has three different alarm tones to accommodate different hearing levels. To silence the alarm just pick up the Med-E-Lert and tilt it over, dispensing the pills or vitamins into your hand. And finally, you will never have to wonder if you took a dosage or not due to the handy rotating of the disc. It won't rotate until you have taken your pills.

The amount of times you will need to refill the disc will depend on the number of daily medications that you are prescribed. For example, if you take medications twice a day, you will only need to refill the tray every fourteen days. If you take your medications three times a day, then you will need to refill the tray every nine days. And if you are taking medications four times a day, then you will need to refill the tray every seven days. The trays are removable for easy loading. You can also purchase extra trays for the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser if you want to set up a tray or two ahead of time. They cost around $19.00 and also come with an extra key. The tray easily removes from the Med-E-Lert unit so your new tray can easily be placed in it already loaded with all of your medications.

So it does seem as if the creators of the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser actually did think of everything. Obviously every person has different needs and are looking for very specific things, especially when making a decision involving their health, but if you are in the market for a pill organizer and dispenser, the Med-E-Lert seems to be a good place to start.