Automated Pill Dispensers

Here you will find a full range of pill organizers and dispensers. If you just need a pill caddy for day use, or a small compact programmable pill reminder, we've got that too.

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21 to 40 of 59 products

21 to 40 of 59 products

Automated Pill Dispensers are truly a revolutionary step forward in medication compliance. If you or a loved one is reliant on prescription medication in order to maintain good health, you simply can't afford to miss medication time, or worse yet, take an incorrect dose.

Over the last 20 years or so, automated pill dispensers have just gotten better and better. While the designs may not match your kitchen decor, these handy units are worth their weight in gold. Easily programmable, and available with a variety of different alarm types, it's a snap to get it right with prescription meds. For concerned family members and caregivers worried about compliance, certain models offer email and text message alerts when medication has been taken. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

As you browse our site and research on the internet, keep a few things in mind. 1. Does the unit have a backup battery? 2. What kind of alarm does it feature? 3. How big are the pill compartments? 4. Does the unit offer email/text alerts? 5. Is the unit tamper-proof? This is a great checklist to go through as you look at each model and educate yourself. You will quickly find that most of the products we recommend are top quality, tested in the field, and well-reviewed.